With the creation of user made mods for Chex Quest, many new flemoids have been created. Here is a list of some of the various flemoids created by users.

Chex Quest: Generation 2 Edit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
Ultimus(CQG2) Ultimus Cyberdemon This Flemoid is a big 'un. He fires uber-powerful shots that might just destroy you in one shot.
Dekarhinus(CQG2) The Dekarhinus Spider Mastermind A Maximus that is not quite finished becoming an Ultimus yet. As such, it has less health, but an almost equally powered attack.
Sputum side view The Sputum Arachnotron A Red evolved version of the Bipedicus, this guy is tougher to beat. His shots are very strong, too.
Evolved Commonus side view Slimblicus Revenant A much faster, more powerful version of the Commonus, this guy doesn't give up easily. He also shoots very strong flem shots.
Goober side view Flemoidus Goopus Tributas Mancubus A challenging foe, this one is an evolved version of the Quadrumpus, and is extremely strong.
Gyro side view Gyro Lost Soul This enemy is a devolved version of the Cycloptis, and flys through the air, randomly charging at you.
Flem balloon side view Flem Balloon Pain Elemental This large guy will sometimes shoot out Gyros, and destroying him releases 3 more.
Gattlingus side view The Gattlingus Heavy Weapon Dude The Gattlingus is a devolved version of the Bipedicus... with armor! This guy is still pretty easy to beat, but packs an extremely powerful punch!

Chex Quest: The Great InvasionEdit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
CQTGI Gattlingus Flemoidus Gattlingus Heavy Weapon Dude This flemoid is basically a Commonus with armor allowing him to shoot faster.
Pwa Perforatus with Armor Arachnotron The Perforatus with Armor is a member of the cycloptis family and can shoot slime balls with as much force and speed as your phasing zorcher.
CQTGI Cycloptotron Cycloptotron Revenant The Cycloptotron can move very fast with it's legs and shoots very fast slime balls that can really slime you up!

Chex Quest: Journey of Legends Edit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
CPOSA1 Flemoidus Galous Heavy Weapon Dude This is the first new flemoid seen in Chex Quest: Journey of Legends. It's three noses, were grown on it to shoot a integrated Rapid zorch!
FATTA1 Flemoidus Fatteous Mancubus This is the Second new flemoid seen in Chex Quest: Journey of Legends. It shoots two balls at you with its large slimy arms! So watch out. Its is a mutaint flemoid.
SKULc1 Flemoidus Hornetous Lost Soul It's a Slimy hornet! It doesn't have any far away attacks, but it'll fly and sting you! Ejecting piosoinus Slime into you! So watch out for him!
FAOTA1 Flemoidus Floatangus Decorate patch This new flemoid, is as strong as Flemoidus Cycloptis Ultricus! They have the same weaknesses, power, heath, Everything!
GORNA2A8 Flemoidus Gorontous Decorate patch This May seem more then one flemy, but its held to gether by an unseeable Flemoid! A very fast and annoying flemoid. He can shoot slime balls at you! You dont want to meet this flamy that much!
GOATA1 Flemoidus Goatanous Pain elemental If you see this flemoid, Take it out right then! because this flemoid can spit out Hornetouses!
CYBRA1 Flemoidus Mini Cyber-flemoid Decorate patch This Flemoid uses a Seeker zorcher, so beware of its lock on Zorches. They go really slow though!

Newmaps Edit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
NMUltimus Flemoidus Ultimus Cyberdemon Though he might not look it, this is one of the toughest Flemoids in the invasion force. He is the boss of episode II.
MutantCactus Mutant Cactus Spider Mastermind This is the mastermind behind the invasions of Chex City. He is the final boss of episode III.

Chex Quest: Return of the Queen Edit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
BBRNA0 Icon of Slime Icon of Sin This slimy head is one of the many graphics Dvader0086 put in his game.
CYBRF2 Flemoidus Imposterous Cyberdemon This guy is dressed as a FOC Warrior, but in fact he is a Flemoid.
HEADA3A7 Flemoid Guardian Cacodemon This guy guards secret areas. Watch out for him!
PAINA2A8 Slime Elemental Pain Elemental This guy creates the Flemoidus Minius and shoots slime at you. Deadly!
SKULA1 Flemoidus Minius Lost Soul This guy charges at you!

The Ultimate Chex Quest Edit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
FLEMA1 Flemoidus Commonus various In order to make the game more difficult for experienced players, tougher versions of Flemoidus Commonus appear on higher skill levels in place of the standard Flemoidus Commonus. As of release 5 the tougher commoni fire weak but fast moving flem projectiles at the player.
FLE2C2C8 Flemoidus Bipedicus various In order to make the game more difficult for experienced players, tougher versions of Flemoidus Bipedicus appear on higher skill levels in place of the standard Flemoidus Bipedicus. As of release 5 the medium level version of the bipedicus fires a weak but fast moving flem projectile at the player and the difficult level bipedicus fires a spread of three flem balls.
CYCLC1 Flemoidus Cycloptis Tenacious Disciple of D'Sparil This Cycloptis variant appears physically identical to the standard Flemoidus Cycloptis, making use of the same sprites. Unlike the standard Cycloptis, this subspecies fires a dangerous spread of three slime balls towards its enemies.
Gyro Flemoidus Gyro Lost Soul Carried by a small helicopter unit strapped to its back, this flemoid launches itself with great velocity towards the player in order to slime him. So far, this flemoid has only appeared experimentally in The Ultimate Chex Quest, and is not yet part of any official release.

Strife's Level Packs Edit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
SLParachnus Flemoidus Arachnus Arachnotron This small flemoid rushes the player in a kamikaze attack, exploding on contact, and covering the player in its flem. While relatively weak, it often appears in large numbers.
SLPtennacious Flemoidus Tennacious Cacodemon A flying flemoid that shoots fast moving flem balls at the player.

A Miner Catastrophe Edit

Name of Flemoid DOOM Enemy it Replaces Description
AMC-Froggy Froggy Flem Heavy Weapon Dude The Froggy Flem was a strange one, he loved water. So he spent much time by lakes and swamps, he soon learned the Flemoid code and joined the ranks. If you ever meet him watch out for his twin Flem Chainguns.
AMC-Robo Flemoidus Roboticus Mancubus The "Flemoidus Roboticus", also known as the "Robo Flemoid", is big, tough, and mean. He just loves his new robotic upgrades, which the Flem Labs made him. He carrys 4 Flem Cannons that pack a punch! So be sure to either stay away, or be ready to strafe.
AMC-Gas Flem Gas Lost Soul The "Flem Gas" is really a failed Flemoid test experiment. The Flemoids were trying to make a more powerful flying Flemoid like the Acrobatus (Flemoidus Gyro), and Cycloptis Tenacious. But eventhough he was a mistake, he is still a dangeorus Flemoid. While he does not have long rage weapons, he can speed up very quickly and slime you before you even see him.
AMC-Tank Flem Tank Arachnotron The "Flemoidus Minecrawler" , "Flem Tank", or "Big Eddie" is no laughing matter. He is related to the "Robo Flemoid", but he has had much better robotic upgrades. For one thing, instead of 4 rockets he has a rapid firing Phasing Cannon. No one really knows how they got the cannon, but they did and he's got it. That's all you need to know about him... Well, except this. If you meet him better hope you have a big Zorcher.

See Also Edit

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