TNCQ: Generation 2 is a merge of Manny Cav's The New Chex Quest 2 and The Slimeinator's Chex Quest Generation 2 into a 34-level megawad. It runs under GZDoom, and is proving to be one of the most advanced Chex Quest mods yet. There have been many new items, weapons, and Flemoids created, including the Liquid Zorcher and the Jet Boots.

Along with the new objects, The New Chex Quest: Generation Two employs various scripting techniques specific to GZDoom to make the Chex Quest Experience a little more "believable." Some techniques include the DOOMDEFS, MAPINFO, DECORATE, and LANGUAGE lumps. To find a frequently updated List of Stuff™, visit this [1] topic on the Chex Quest Fan Forums.

Find more about TNCQ: Gen. 2 on its board at the CQFF [2] And on The Slimeinator's website [3]

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