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Villa Chex is the third level in Chex Quest 3.


E3M3 Villa Chex

Secret Area 1 Part A

Secret Area 1 Part A

Secret Area 1 Part B

Secret Area 1 Part B

L3 Secret Area 2

Secret Area 2


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Secret areasEdit

Secret area 1Edit

Part A: After opening the blue access door, you walk through a series of doors. You enter into a large garden. In order to access the secret area you must open a door located in a sewer pipe on the left side of the garden (see part A)

Part B: After opening the red access door you enter a room with a hole in the floor. Go down the hole. You are now in slime filled underground hallway. Soon you will see the door you opened earlier which reveals a slime-proof suit. (see part B)

Secret area 2Edit

After opening the yellow access door you enter a room, on the left side of the room you will see a picture. Open it. You enter a narrow hallway with a door at the end of it. Open the door and you find a phasing zorcher pack and a laz device.


Par time: 6:00

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